The process is simple. Commission prices are in the same range as my other pieces.

  1. Make contact, fill in the form below

  2. I will contact you and we will discuss the subject you want painted (maybe you want Lebron, maybe Kim, maybe your partner, maybe your dog, or maybe yourself)

  3. If the subject is someone you know personally, I will organise to either a) have photos taken in our gallery of that person, or b) request photos from you to use so I can develop some mockup designs.

  4. If the subject is a celebrity, I will work on some mockup designs for your approval.

  5. Once agreed on design, size, material (canvas or panel) and colour scheme, I will start painting and share progress photos. A 50% down payment is required at this point. For private** commissions see below.

  6. Final artwork will be ready in approximately two weeks from today. So fill out the form below!

  7. Unveiling of your unique piece can be done in our Sydney gallery. For interstate commissions, I can complete these and have them delivered to your location. I’ll talk you through the process.

**Note for private commissions: I agree to not publicly distribute photos (social, online or other) of the artwork. This has worked well for those who want a private portrait of a family member or loved one. One guy decided to do that for his dog.

Name *