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The journey of a Saint. Act One.

“Have you ever stared at your computer screen for an entire week, in an office surrounded by people with hidden agendas who are scheming to fu** you over, meanwhile you pretend to punch out work on a spreadsheet or powerpoint, only to take a month to complete something that really only needed two hours? Adding zero value or enjoyment to peoples lives?

I just described the last 12 years of my life. And I’m done with the bullsh**.

I’ve lived around the world. Met amazing people. Had unbelievable experiences (seriously, this sh** would blow your mind). But all of those memories have been fading into a dark black abyss over the last few years. It’s taken a deep depression, experimentation, pharmaceutical grade drugs, shrooms and edibles for me to realise my passion, my love and my desire.

That desire is to create. Not dark sh** like most tripped out artists. I’m here to create cool sh**. So join the party…

And with that, the Saint is born.

Pop-Up Gallery NOW OPEN!

Level 1, 163-167 William St, Darlinghurst, NSW

OPEN Thursday, Friday, Saturday

12pm to 7pm or by appointment

Inside the gallery you will find an early release of The Saint’s inaugural collection, “An Homage to the Divine Feminine”.

From the artist:

“This collection is dedicated to all the beauty that exists in my life and which I am constantly surrounded by. Those divine influences begin with my grandmother, to my mother, my partner, my daughters, my best friends, my influences, my crushes, my loves, my strippers, my hoes and all of my bros.

This collection is about the beauty that women bring into my life - its about my (and societies) attraction to femininity. About my attraction to female power. Its about the pop icons past and present, the current day social influencers, the historical figures who shaped my upbringing - its about the love, the sexy, the lust that I’ve experienced since living in Sydney.

My dark days are gone - no doubt they will be back - but whilst the sun is shining in my head, I will create an homage to the divine feminine.”

The full collection will be shown at our Sydney Exhibition in June 2019.

In the meantime, check out the early release of the collection at our pop-up gallery which is setup to be a very unique experience, unlike anything you have witnessed before. Come and say hello and share a glass of bubbles with us!

For all gallery enquiries contact:
e: info@saint-ali.com